FlavoredSexy StrawberryPassion PunchPopp'n CherryJuicy WatermelonTropical Explosion


Entice the taste-buds (and your lover) with Wet® juicy, mouth-watering Flavored Lubricants. Indulge in the succulent tastes of Juicy Watermelon, Sexy Strawberry, Passion Punch, Popp'n Cherry, and Tropical Explosion. These fluid formulas quench intimate areas with a silky water-base and tantalize the tongue, leaving no bitter after-taste. Use during foreplay, oral, intercourse or massage. Every Wet Flavored Lubricant Feels Delicious!

  •  Water-soluble
  •  No bitter after-taste
  •  Sugar and paraben free
  •  Stain-free and lightweight
  •  Latex compatible
  •  Ideal for foreplay, oral, intercourse, and massage
  •  Washes away easily with water
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Thumb/PreviewProductItem CodeUPCFamilyTypeDescription
1oz216087 16222 21608 1FlavoredSexy Strawberry1.0 fl. oz/30mL
3oz215037 16222 21503 9FlavoredSexy Strawberry3.0 fl.oz/ 89mL
1oz215007 16222 21500 8 FlavoredPassion Punch1.0 fl. oz/30mL
3oz215017 16222 21501 5FlavoredPassion Punch3.0 fl.oz/ 89mL
1oz215057 16222 21505 3 FlavoredPopp'n Cherry1.0 fl. oz/30mL
3oz215067 16222 21506 0FlavoredPopp'n Cherry3.0 fl.oz/89mL
1oz215087 16222 21508 4FlavoredJuicy Watermelon1.0 fl. oz/30mL
3oz215097 16222 21509 1FlavoredJuicy Watermelon3.0 fl.oz/89mL
1oz215167 16222 21516 9FlavoredTropical Explosion1.0 fl. oz/30mL
3oz215187 16222 21518 3FlavoredTropical Explosion3.0 fl.oz/89mL
FamilyGroupFlavoredFamily Photo
Counter Bowl215577 16222 21557 2FlavoredAssorted1.0 fl.oz/30mL Counter Bowl (36 pc./ Free Counter Bowl Display)
Countertop458427 16222 45842 9FlavoredCOUNTERTOP DISPLAY
4 Testers Refill238337 16222 23833 5Flavored(4) TESTERS REFILL
Left Slat20848L7 16222 20848 2FlavoredLEFT SLAT WALL SHELF DISPLAY
Right Slat20848R7 16222 20848 2FlavoredRIGHT SLAT WALL SHELF DISPLAY
Wet Splash Slat Wall208057 16222 20805 5FlavoredMODULAR SLAT WALL DISPLAY SPLASH